Javier Melero

Researcher in Technology-Enhanced Learning & Game-based Learning

Research lines

Researcher in Educational Technologies

The first opportunity to be involved in the research field of Educational Technologies came on 2006. Since then, I have been involved in different research topics in the area of Technology-Enhanced Learning. I started researching in supporting teachers when planning learning processes. In the context of the TENCompetence project (IST-2005-027087), I was in charge of…


PhD: Game-based Learning and Mobile Learning

Within the field of Technology-Enhanced Learning, my main research area of interest is on Game-based Learning. Particularly, during my PhD (2010-2014) I have been focused on the use of mobile devices to support location-based games. This work has been done in the context of the Spanish Learn3 (TIN2008-05163) and EEE (TIN2011-28308-C03-03) Projects. The main objective…

Adaptive Portada

Postdoc: Adaptive Learning Paths in Serious Games

In 2014, I obtained a one-year postdoctoral contract at UniversitĂ© Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, France). I was involved in the MOCAH research team. During my collaboration I was able to extend my knowledge on Game-based Learning and, concretely, on adaptive learning paths in Serious Games. I was in charge of designing, evaluating and implementing…

PFCs Portada

Supervisor of Bachelors’ Degree Projects in GBL

When I started researching in my PhD I realised about the great amount of interesting topics that need further research. Since I cannot split myself in two persons, and continuing my interest in Game-based Learning, I started supervising different bachelors’ degree projects. 9 Bachelors´Degree Projects were done under my supervision in the development and evaluation…